My work is about fragments.  Focusing on memory and autobiography, I tell personal stories about life on the streets and living with mental distress bringing attention to these issues in ways which are both political, but also show the human side of difficult experiences in a way that challenge the viewer to think differently about previous conceptions and stereotypes by offering another side to the story.  For example in ‘Picking Holes’ I drilled holes in the psychiatric manual, DSM-IV-TR as a statement about the impact of diagnosis on a person’s life and the many problems in categorizing individual experiences into neat boxes of mental disorder. ‘Where I Slept Last Night’ presents the beauty and the horror of life on the streets in an abstract way.  ‘8000 elastic bands’ is a piece about obsession and compulsion, becoming immersed in the making of an artwork.

I am currently working on a Research an Unlimited commission, The Doorways Project.

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