Picking Holes


Title: Picking Holes
Materials: Destroyed copy of book DSM-IV
Dimensions: H25cm, W17.5cm, D5cm

The DSM-IV was the previous diagnostic manual psychiatrists use to make a mental health diagnosis. Shortly before the new DSM-5 came out at the end of May I made this piece.  DSM-5 is causing huge controversy about how we label people and what these diagnoses actually mean. The work is a small installation piece. I have destroyed the manual by drilling holes right through the book – the holes are a metaphorical statement about the holes in diagnosis. Being given a psychiatric diagnosis can have such a profound impact on a persons life. It changes how you think about yourself and how other people think about you – for some people it is a positive experience and helps them gain understanding, for others the experience is of being judged and many of these diagnoses carry a huge amount of stigma.


If anyone has a copy of DSM-5 they would like to donate I would love to drill holes it it!

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